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Discover Below How to Play SCORING GOLF … and Watch Your Scores Plummet … Plus Gain the CONSISTENCY You KNOW You Can Achieve …

Shoot Your Lowest Scores and Have More Fun … Every Round … WITHOUT Any Technical Mumbo-Jumbo or Complex Theories … Just Super-Clear On-Course Guidance …

I entrusted Martin to help some of my children and grandchildren, as well as countless friends … I have known Martin for many years and think very highly of him. He is a great teacher with a wonderful reputation who has helped countless golfers of all ability levels become better players.


In My Newest Video Series BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN … I Show You …

  • How to Gain the Mindset That Will Help You Shoot Lower Scores EVERY TIME YOU PLAY.
  • Tour-Proven Tactics and Strategies to Turn Bogeys in to Easy Pars.
  • Advice from Some of The Greatest People in Golf … From Arnold Palmer to Jack Nicklaus … and From Annika Sorenstam to Tiger Woods.
  • How to Fix the Engine If You’ve Been Leaking Oil.
  • And Much Much More.

All with Simple, Clear Instructions … Based on 39 Years of Teaching Experience … It’s Like I’m With You Every Step On The Golf Course … From The First Tee To The 18Th Green.


From the Desk of Martin Hall, 2008 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year.

Dear Revolution Golfer:

It’s the video series I have always wanted to film.

Let me say that again.


And now I’ve filmed this series with the help of my good friends at Revolution Golf. And you can read everything about this series below. But first … let me say it again.

It’s the video series I’ve always wanted to film.


Because It’s ALL ABOUT Your Game and Having More Fun on The Golf Course

Let me explain …

You see … in the world of golf instruction, we have a tendency to focus A LOT on the technical side of playing golf … everything from how to grip the club to things like swing plane and that shallow angle of attack.

All good stuff and important if you want to improve.

BUT … we need to focus more on what happens when you’re ACTUALLY PLAYING GOLF. You know … when you’re OUT THERE ON THE GOLF COURSE having to get that little white thing into the hole and write a number on the scorecard.

Ultimately, that’s what really, really matters.

You can have good or even great technique but you really have to know and understand the tactics and techniques that work when it really comes to what really matters … SHOOTING THE LOWEST POSSIBLE SCORE.

Let’s Think About It …

I’m sure this has happened to you …

You have a couple of good holes and then … BANG … you hit a shot you don’t like and suddenly … you’re writing a triple bogey down on your scorecard.

And it almost ruins your day … and you wonder why it happens.

Perhaps you’ve been driving home after playing golf and you’re thinking about your round. You’ve hit some great shots … but too many poor shots … and you think, “If only I could get those bad shots out of my system, I could be a pretty good golfer.”

Makes sense, right?

Maybe you’ve ended up in a bad situation on the golf course … like your ball landing in a divot … and you’ve wondered “how do I deal with this?” Perhaps you’ve been right behind a tree thanks to a bad bounce and this suddenly turns a potential par into a big number.

What about when it’s windy? What sort of shots should you be hitting? If you trust ‘conventional wisdom’ then you can be looking at big numbers.

Here’s the good news … you can easily get these big numbers out of your system FOREVER just by knowing HOW to get out of trouble … and HOW to use the “scoring secrets” of pros like Annika Sorenstam and Tiger Woods to shoot your lowest scores EVERY TIME YOU’RE OUT THERE ON THE GOLF COURSE.

So …

Now It’s Time to Start Playing SCORING GOLF not EXHIBITION GOLF

It’s not your fault. You watch golf on TV and you see the pros hitting BOOMING drives and reaching par-5s with a driver and a 5-iron and you think, “that’s how you play golf.”

I get this.

But there’s a HUGE difference between the game the pros play … and the game that YOU play. The pros have played for years and they play all the time. They have swing coaches and mental coaches and caddies. They are professional athletes who dedicate up to 70 hours a week playing and practicing.

Different game.

Watching the pros on TV makes 99% of golfers want to play “Exhibition Golf.” But what you really need … if you’re serious about shooting lower scores … is to play SCORING GOLF.

Let Me Give You an Example

From YOUR Locker Room...

Here’s something I hear all the time at the golf course.

“WOW! On the 13th, I really SMASHED a drive … at LEAST 275.”

All good … very nice … but here’s my question to that golfer.

“What was your score on that hole and what did you shoot for 18 holes?”

The great game of golf is NOT about hitting those WHOPPING drives. It’s not about who hits the ball the furthest.


Hitting a long drive on the 13th … that’s all about exhibition golf.

If you’re serious about CONSISTENCY and shooting lower scores then you have to focus on SCORING GOLF instead of EXHIBITION GOLF.


Take a Look in the Trophy Cabinet at Your Course...

Every golf club has a trophy cabinet. And many golf clubs in the U.K. have “boards” where they put the names of the people who have won tournaments.

Let me tell you something about those champions.

They all understand how to play SCORING GOLF. They DO NOT care about how far they whack the ball off the tee. They care about shooting the lowest possible scores.

And guess what? They all have a lot of fun on the golf course.

So that’s what my latest video series is all about.

BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN is all about helping YOU shoot the lowest possible scores … and helping you have MORE FUN ON THE GOLF COURSE.

It takes a definite mindset change to be a SCORING GOLFER … but once you start to think differently … and play differently … and make better decisions … you’re going to have a TON more fun on the golf course.

What is SCORING GOLF? Here’s My Answer and What It Means for You

Smashing the ball a million bajillion miles off the tee is a lot of fun. But that’s exhibition golf.

I want you to start thinking about SCORING GOLF. ‘What exactly is that?’ I’m sure you’re asking.


  • Having a proven game plan for shooting lower scores.
  • Getting the ball in the fairway off the tee … every time … whatever it takes.
  • No big numbers on the scorecard …
  • Playing the percentages.
  • Knowing the shots you can consistently pull off when you’re on the range.
  • Understanding how to escape certain situations on the golf course … with minimal damage to your score.
  • Saving 5-10 shots every time you play.
  • Fix “bleeding neck” problems.
  • NEVER letting a bad shot/bad result ruin your round
  • Cunningly turning potential big numbers into pars.
  • Winning tournaments and competition BECAUSE YOU KNOW HOW TO SHOOT LOWER SCORES.

You’re a golfer … in fact, you’re a REVOLUTION GOLFER … so you know the difference between SCORING GOLF and exhibition golf.

I know it’s exciting and super-fun to whack one off the tee and see it sail off into the distance. I get that. I’m a golfer, after all. But I get MUCH MORE excitement from low scores.

Let me ask you a question.

Who is the better golfer? The golfer who can smash the ball a mile … or the golfer who shoots the lowest scores?

Easy answer … The SCORING GOLFER.

And in my newest video series, BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN, you’ll discover precisely how to become a SCORING GOLFER.

Before I detail and describe everything I’ve packed into BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN, let me introduce myself.

I’ve Dedicated My Career to Helping Golfers Like You Shoot Lower Scores … OH … And Jack Nicklaus Sent His Children to Me for Golf Lessons

Image Left Image Right
Image Right

I’m Martin Hall and I’ve been teaching golf for 39 years. I’ve written 3 books about golf, won awards, and you’ve seen me on The Golf Channel and in magazines like GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest.

Jack Nicklaus has sent his children and grandchildren to me for golf instruction.

People ask me how I’ve been successful in this competitive business of teaching golf. They want to know my secret. Or they want to know what makes me different.

My answer … I have spent my entire teaching career trying to make things easy and simple for my students.

The approach works.

  • My “top level” students have won tournaments around the world.
  • I have helped complete beginners start hitting great shots almost immediately.
  • And I’ve helped thousands of “terminal hackers” become single-digit handicappers and even get to scratch.

How? By simplifying the key concepts in successful golf and by introducing the power of SCORING GOLF.

This approach will work for you … especially if you’ve been shooting high scores and you don’t have a clear plan for improvement.

A bit more about my background.

  • Long-time member of the Revolution Golf faculty.
  • I teach at The Club at Ibis in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • I’ve taught over 100,000 golf lessons … mostly to recreational golfers.
  • PGA of America National Teacher of the Year.
  • GOLF Magazine Top 100. Golf Digest Top 50.
  • Ranked as the Number 10 Golf Teacher in the World.
  • Regularly appear on The Golf Channel Academy … over 300 appearances.
  • A golf library with over 3,000 books.

I’d like you to meet …

The People Who Helped Me

And How They Will Help You...

As soon as I started teaching in 1974, I went to find the world’s greatest golfers and teachers to find out what made them successful.

I spent time with the great pioneers of golf teaching like Harvey Penick and John Jacobs. Another great teacher, Bob Toski, has been a huge influence on me.

And I sought out great players like Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros, Gary Player, Ian Woosnam, Bernhard Langer, and Ernie Els.

Quite frankly, I could name hundreds of teachers and golfers who have taught me about the game. Why did I seek them out?

Easy …


Yes – I can take what I learned from the greats of the game directly to you … and especially your all-important SCORING GAME.

But I learn even more from my students.

The Greatest Golf Learning Laboratory I Know … And What This Means for You …

I’ve been teaching golf for 39 years and my students have been extremely successful. They reach their golf goals. I’ve enjoyed all this because I have learned about what works … and what doesn’t … right there on the lesson tee at Ibis Golf and Country Club in West Palm Beach.

So the methods you’ll discover in BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN are PROVEN TO WORK.

I have watched as golfers …

  • Started to understand the VITAL IMPORTANCE of getting the ball in play off the tee … and avoiding big numbers off the tee every time.
  • Experienced the joys of playing high percentage golf.
  • Went from being the person who helicoptered clubs after bad shots to being able to control emotions and focus on the next shot.
  • Became CUNNING and WILY on the course … while quietly shooting lower scores than their playing partners.
  • Reaped the rewards of being sensible and playing smart shots on the golf course.
  • Went from being “also rans” in tournaments to regularly winning events.
  • Understood how to escape EVERY bad situation on the golf course.
  • TOTALLY AVOIDED those “look away awful” shots than can send you into golfing retirement.

All because I kept things simple for my students … and because I learned so much from them in my laboratory … right there on the range and on the golf course.

Why You Might Be Frustrated … And The Solution

I have a lot of sympathy for golfers who are confused and struggling. Golf can be a hard game … but it can also be a huge amount of fun.

When golfers come to see me, I find they have a lot of misinformation in their heads … especially when it comes to what really matters in golf … SHOOTING YOUR LOWEST SCORES.

Golfers who are obsessed with distance NEVER lower their handicap.

I’ve built my teaching … and my reputation … around making golf instruction EASY to understand … and by giving my students a clear plan for success based a proven model.

Does it work? YOU BET!

OK … enough about me … let’s talk about YOUR GAME.

And most importantly …

INTRODUCING BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN … How to Maximize your Potential, Shoot Lower Scores, and Have More Fun on The Golf Course …

As I mentioned earlier, BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN is the series I have always wanted to film.

Build a Better Game Plan

BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN is exactly that … a GAME PLAN for shooting lower scores CONSISTENTLY.

I based BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN on 39 years of teaching and playing golf. It’s everything I know about shooting lower scores condensed into four information-packed segments.









Watch these 4 powerful videos and you’ll have an all-new game plan for saving 5-10 shots a round … maybe more.

It’s just like we’re playing golf and I’m your caddie.

Let’s Get Into BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN in more detail...


Why BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN is So Important … Plus Getting in the Fairway Every Time You Tee It Up.

  • The most important video I’ve filmed … and it’s all about YOUR success.
  • How to get the most out of your game when you’re actually on the golf course.
  • Why SCORING GOLF is more important than EXHIBITION GOLF.
  • The ‘5E’ approach to shooting lower scores … you will ONLY find this here.
  • My approach to getting off the first tee and in the fairway every time.
  • The biggest swing killer on the first tee and how to overcome this swing killer.
  • Why your breathing is important.
  • Where to tee the ball on the tee for accuracy and power.
  • Which club to use on the first tee. HINT: It’s NOT always your driver.
  • My “toss the ball” technique and how this can help you smash your longest drives AND get the ball in play.
  • The two magic words in golf … IN PLAY and precisely how to get the ball in play.
  • How high to tee the ball … this has a surprising impact on success off the tee.
  • One way to use YOUR shot shape to your benefit.
  • The type of practice swing you should be using.
  • Where to tee the ball on the tee. The one place you’ll NEVER see pros tee it up.
  • A tee shot tip from Tom Watson.
  • The first tee success tip from a music teacher in Vienna … the MA-UHHHE secret.
  • Why thinking “hit” is the worst thing you can do.
  • The anti-pressure tip from Tony Jacklin that I give to all my students.
  • How Annika Sorenstam deals with pressure on the firs tee.
  • The right playing speed when you MUST get the ball in play.
  • My “swing 6” secret.
  • What Jack Nicklaus told me about hitting a great drive off the first tee.
  • The TRUTH about grip pressure and how this will make you more consistent with every part of your game.
  • BOOM BOOM TIME … when it’s time to smash the dimples off the ball … and when it’s NOT.
  • What to think when you’re playing a really tight hole … and how it’s just like the 2nd serve in tennis.
  • What to do when there’s trouble on the left of the hole.
  • What to do when there’s trouble on the right of the hole.
  • Why you want to “keep the 7” for accuracy and consistency.
  • My belief … getting off the first tee successfully is ALL ABOUT tactics over technique.


Why You Have to Be a Recovery Artist When You’re On the Golf Course … So You Successfully Get Out of Trouble.

On this video you’ll discover how to …

  • 1. Draw the ball around a tree … based on the famous ‘Arnold Palmer Method.’
  • 2. FADE the ball around a tree … and the simple step to take before you pull the trigger on this shot.
  • 3. Deal with an obstacle in the back swing … using a ‘crazy’ shot you’ll see the pros use … but it's a shot you can use too.
  • 4. Escape the times when you can’t make a backswing … actually you CAN … I’ll show you how.
  • 5. Hit a great shot from an uneven lie … where you put the ball in your stance can make all the difference.
  • 6. Escape pine needles … it’s easier than you think, especially when you know whether to take a divot … and know which club to use for precise contact.
  • 7. Hit the ball when the ball is below your feet … even when you have a tree in the way.
  • 8. Hit a 3-wood consistently … and whether you should take a divot.
  • 9. Deal with a downhill lie … and why “the walk” is the key to this shot.
  • 10. Deal with a severe uphill lie … and what you must know about spine angle for successful execution.
  • 11. Get consistent from fairway bunkers … because you’re being a pig and not a hog … and you’re using my “plus two” secret.
  • 12. Hit great iron shots from wet lies … it’s all down to the ‘secret of the equator.’
  • 13. Hit great shots from a tight or bare lie … just think about your follow through.
  • 14. Escape even the nastiest divots … just by making a really big mess.
  • 15. Deal with the dreaded “in between clubs” conundrum … you’ll finally get some clarity here.
  • 16. Hit shots INTO the wind … the right way and the wrong way.
  • 17. Hit shots DOWNWIND … the right way and the wrong way … based on conversations with Jack Nicklaus.
  • 18. Two options from the rough … one that’s more conservative and one that’s more aggressive … plus 3 key adjustments to make in your swing.


Use these to put the wheels back on the bus … if things start going wrong during your round.

On this video you’ll discover how to …

  • 1. Monitor Your Grip Pressure.
  • 2. Step Across Dance Drill.
  • 3. Low Hand Pressure.
  • 5. Look Ma No Hands.
  • 8. The Body Reboot.

I LIED. There are actually 11 drills in this video. The 11th …

  • 11. HIT IT SOLID … directly from Tiger Woods.

Practice these drills on the range … then have them ready for every eventuality when you’re actually on the golf course … to keep a great round going AND AVOID THOSE DREADED BIG NUMBERS.


Want to play your best golf every time you’re out there on the course? Then it’s VITAL to follow what I call the 10 COMMITMENTS.

Discover all of these in BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN … so you maximize your ability to score EVERY TIME YOUR’RE ON THE GOLF COURSE.

  • Advice I’ve personally heard from Hank Haney, Tiger Woods, Gary Player Jack Nicklaus … and many more.
  • The “ten yard” rule that will help you keep your cool … even when really bad things happen.
  • How to decide whether to try a difficult shot … and when NOT to try that shot.
  • The turnaround thought that produces big-time results.
  • Two clubs you MUST love … and why.
  • Why great chippers are great scorers.
  • Pre-shot routine … of course. But what about your POST-SHOT routine?
  • How to be your best friend on the course … and why that’s more important than you think.
  • My approach to the mental side of golf … based on what I’ve heard from some of the world’s greatest golfers.
  • How to enjoy this incredible journey we call GOLF.

27 Reasons to Add BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN to Your Golf Instruction Arsenal

  1. Shoot lower scores … by discovering how to play SCORING GOLF … and changing your mindset … it’s a lot of fun …

  2. Easy to bring to your game … no technical instruction … just how to get around the golf course in fewer shots … with me on your bag.

  3. Based on advice from the greats and based on what works … major winners I’ve known and what they’ve told me about shooting low scores.

  4. Stop leaking oil and know what to do when things aren’t going well on the actual golf course.

  5. Have a game plan for success … for just about every situation on the golf course … it’s all about scoring and shooting lower scores.

  6. Stay calm and keep going … even after you’ve hit a shot you don’t like.

  7. Maximize your scoring potential … thanks to “real world” advice based on what really happens on the golf course.

  8. Play well in difficult conditions … thanks to what I know will work for you.

  9. Start winning tournaments and competitions … because you know how to shoot lower scores.

  10. Getting the ball in the fairway off the tee … every time … whatever it takes.

  11. No more big numbers on the scorecard … thanks to the Hank Haney secret I reveal … and playing the percentages.

  12. How to practice SCORING GOLF … so you take it to the golf course and play to your strengths.

  13. Start seeing great results right away … as you turn double bogeys into bogeys … and bogeys into pars.

  14. Get real bragging rights … as the big hitters are in the woods and swamps … while you’re shooting low scores.

  1. It works … based on 39 years of teaching plus over 100,000 golf lessons.

  2. End the frustration … by using my game plan for success when you actually play golf.

  3. It’s all about YOUR SUCCESS … and it’s a road map for getting the most out of your game when you’re actually on the golf course.

  4. Deal with pressure … on the first tee then all around the golf course … it’s a lot easier than you think.

  5. Learn how to move the ball and avoid trouble … all thanks to the super-simple methods in these videos.

  6. Learn how to get out of really bad situations … it’s easier thank you think … once you know how … even divots and fairway bunkers … and super-tight lies … and nesty lies in pine needles.

  7. CLARITY instead of confusion to you improve faster … when it comes to learning how to score.

  8. Instruction works for every golfer … from beginner to accomplished club player.

  9. FINALLY … move forward with your game instead of not improving.

  10. Proven methods that will work for you … simply follow the instructions.

  11. Fast fixes for major problems … so you can fix “bleeding neck” problems on the golf course.

  12. How to create a bulletproof set up and pre-shot routine.

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More About GOLFPASS.

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The videos are grouped into these categories.

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Praise for Martin Hall’s Teaching and Results …


When Jim Flick and I launched golf schools, we entrusted the role of lead instructor to Martin for many years. I also entrusted him to help some of my children and grandchildren, as well as countless friends. He is one of the top ranked teachers by our friends at Golf Digest, and a former PGA of America Teacher of the Year. He has all the credentials any instructor could and should have. He has the eyes, the head, and most important, the heart to help any level of player to improve. Martin has a passion for the game. I have known Martin for many years and think very highly of him. He is a great teacher with a wonderful reputation who has helped countless golfers of all ability levels become better players. As a matter of fact, I have sent some of my own kids to work with him. Martin has a great passion for golf and for teaching the game, and has been a wonderful ambassador for the PGA of America.



When we did a national search to find the perfect host for School of Golf, I told management, ‘Don’t waste your time, just call Martin Hall. He’s one of the world’s Top 10 Instructors, he’s entertaining, and everyone will love him.’ Now in our fifth season working together, Martin continually makes me look like a genius. He makes instruction easy to understand, golf fun to learn, and when he’s done you’ll see a difference in your game!

- Kevin Schultz, Director of Instruction, The Golf Channel.


I have been taking golf lessons with Martin Hall for seventeen years and he has changed my life. He not only changed my golf life, but he has also had a tremendous influence on my personal life. Martin's expertise transformed my golf game entirely. To such an extent, that I was transformed from an average player to a scratch golfer. The best part of the improvement in my golf game is the journey that we both took-which enabled me to accomplish my goals. He is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the game of golf. Martin's unique style of teaching helps his students to utilize different swing devices so that the player can find the feel that works best for them. This helps tremendously in taking you down the path of fairways and greens. Martin is not only the best instructor in the world, he is also the kindest and best role model a person could ask for.

- Eric Glasband, Managing Director, Wealth Management.


I've seen a lot of great teachers teach golf. But they can't hold a candle to Martin Hall. He knows how to teach the game of golf, not only to the tour players, but the beginner golfers, as well. Martin Hall is number one.

- Bob Toski, World Famous Golf Instructor.


Martin Hall has been my mentor throughout my professional career. The depth of his knowledge in this great game is unmatched. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him should consider themselves blessed.

- Chuck Winstead, LSU Golf Coach.


Over the past 25 years I’ve had the pleasure of watching Martin emerge from the crowd to become one of the golf’s greatest instructors. When it comes to solving golfers' problem shots, Martin has more tools at the ready than a Swiss Army Knife. He is the gold standard in golf instruction today.

- Lorin Anderson, Executive Vice President, Golf Channel Academy.

And, of course, your purchase is protected by…

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Are You Going to Make the Right Decision?

If you’re “sitting still” with your game but really want to shoot lower scores, you have a simple decision to make.

You can keep going with your current methods … the ones that aren’t working all that well …

OR …

You can try, risk-free, the instruction in BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN WITH MARTIN HALL.

With these all-new videos, you will …

  • Get a proven game plan for shooting lower scores.
  • Know how to deal with difficult situations on the golf course.
  • Get off the tee and into safety EVERY TIME off the tee.
  • Save 5-10 shots every time you play.
  • Fix “bleeding neck” problems.
  • And much, much more …

I know you’ll make the right choice.

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To the best golf of your life …

Martin Hall
Ibis Golf and Country Club
PGA Master Professional

P.S. Remember … it’s all about CLARITY and SIMPLICITY … and I have spent my entire golf career with one goal … make this difficult game a TON easier for every golfer. BUILD A BETTER GAME PLAN WITH MARTIN HALL will give you that simplicity and clarity … especially when you’re on the actual golf course.

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