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Want a Great Short Game But Don’t Have Six Hours a Week to Work On It?

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I’ll Show You How to Save 3, 5, Even 7 Shots a Round, With No Complex Theories or Technical Mumbo-Jumbo … Just Clear, SIMPLE, and Proven Advice About How to Get Up and Down More Often … EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME TO PRACTICE YOUR SHORT GAME


In this Exclusive Video Series, Foley Factor: Short Game, I’ll Show You How To …

  • Shoot Lower Scores Because You Have a Totally Different Short Game
  • Chip, Pitch, and Hit Solid Sand Shots … CONSISTENTLY …
  • AVOID Those Round-Wrecking Short Game Meltdowns
  • Keep Things Simple … So You DON’T Have to Spend Hours Practicing
  • Get Up and Down from Pretty Much Anywhere … Every Lie … Every Short Game Situation … No Worries …

All with Simple, Clear Instruction … Based on Teaching Everyone from The World’s Top Golfers to Total Beginners …

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From the Desk of Sean Foley, Instructor to Justin Rose and Many of The World’s Top Touring Professionals … GOLFPASS/REVOLUTION GOLF FACULTY MEMBER.

Dear Revolution Golfer:

I travel a lot and this means one thing. I meet A TON of Revolution Golfers. I hear two things all the time.

ONE. Sean … I need a more consistent short game.

TWO. Sean … I don’t have much time to practice.

Now … you might be thinking. “Sean … in order to have a great short game, I have to spend HOURS at the practice area working on my game.”

Not true, my friends. You CAN have a solid short game WITHOUT spending hours every week working on your chipping, pitching, and bunker play.

In a minute, I’m going to show you exactly how to get that short game.

But first, let me explain …

SOMETHING YOU MUST UNDERSTAND … If You Want a Great Short Game …

I’ve worked with many of the world’s top professional golfers. They’ve won majors, millions of dollars, and they’re right at the top of the world golf rankings.

On TV, you’ve seen them hit amazing short game shots. They make the seemingly impossible look routine.

They have a huge advantage … TIME.

You’re at work … or doing what you do during the day. Those pros are spending HOURS every day perfecting all types of short game shots. And even better (for them) they have a professional instructors (like me) with them for these practice sessions.

Don’t have 16 hours a week to work on your short game? Don’t have a top teacher standing there watching you hit all your short game shots?

Well …

I’ve Got Some Great News For You … And Your Short Game

You might think I only work with the world’s top golfers. Not true. I teach “recreational” golfers all the time. Plus I started my career by spending 10 hours a day teaching golfers just like you. I love working with “recreational” golfers.

I realized something incredibly important when I started my career. THE POWER OF SIMPLICITY. So I’ve spent a chunk of my teaching career keeping things simple for everyone.

This approach works … especially when it comes to the short game.

It’s pretty simple and it’s proven. When “recreational” golfers keep the short game simple, they will …

  • Quickly turn four shots into three.
  • Then turn three shots into two.
  • Feel confident when they need to get up and down.
  • Have a ton more fun on the golf course.

The great news here … you DON’T need complex and technical short game thinking. You want SIMPLE short game shots in your golfing arsenal. When this happens, it’s much, much easier to get up and down.

At the very least, you will turn 4 shots into three. And then you will turn 3 shots into 2.

PLUS … and it’s super-important … you will AVOID those short game meltdowns that can wreck your day and your scorecard.

So …

Here’s What I Did … For Revolution Golfers ONLY

I thought … “What will really help Revolution Golfers with their short game?”

My instant answer … SIMPLICITY.

So I created a totally new video series we called FOLEY FACTOR – SHORT GAME.

This series is for you if you …

  • Want a solid, repeatable, and consistent short game every time you play.
  • Don’t have a ton of time to practice your short game.
  • Need some mental clarity when it comes to your short game.
  • Want some help when it comes to those “wacky” situations like ball in deep rough … fried egg in the bunker … etc.

Chipping is Easy

Chipping is easy … once you know the basics.


In FOLEY FACTOR – SHORT GAME, I really worked hard with my friends at Revolution Golf to SIMPLIFY and CLARIFY what it takes to become a solid and consistent bunker player, chipper, and pitcher.

Just watch the videos, take the instruction to the golf course, and enjoy the results.

Now let me detail …

What You’ll Find in Foley Factor: Short Game

Foley Factor: Short Game is my all-new video series with all-new content … created EXCLUSIVELY for Revolution Golfers.

I created every second of this series to help you …

  • Be consistent with your short game EVERY TIME you play.
  • Shoot lower scores by understanding the different short game challenges you face on the golf course … and how to overcome them.
  • Play with a purpose with your short game … instead of just “hoping” it goes well.
  • Avoid those “big number” short game disasters.
  • Have more fun on the golf course.
  • Beat the pants off your opponents and collect in the clubhouse. Why not?

Here are the videos you get in Foley Factor: Short Game.


PLUS … Exclusive bonus material including additional short game tips, an interview with me where I talk about building a solid short game, AND special “Question and Answer” sessions where I answer questions from Revolution Golfers.

Want to See Something from Foley Factor: Short Game?
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What You’ll Discover in Foley Factor: Short Game … AND WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOUR GAME.


  • The all-new SIMPLIFIED approach to chipping why I like it a lot more than the “conventional” chipping method.
  • How to practice your chipping … even if you don’t have much time.
  • How chipping can be insanely easy.
  • Why chipping can be difficult … even though it’s a short shot.
  • How to make chipping practice super-simple … so you only need a few minutes a week to improve.
  • What Luke Donald told me about chipping … and how it will help you become much stronger with your chipping.
  • Should you get “handsy” with chips? The surprising answer.
  • FINALLY … advice about how to choose the correct club when you chip. Club selection is much more important than people think.
  • The importance of the forward shoulder … you will only hear this in Foley Factor: Short Game.
  • A new and easier way to think about correct ball position in chipping so you get set up correctly every time.
  • The BIGGEST key to consistency with your chipping.
  • Why I like to think “triangle” in chipping … and why I teach this to my elite-level tour pros.
  • The correct movement of the body, especially the torso, in the chipping motion.
  • How to make great contact with every chip … EVERY TIME … and without doing anything funky/crazy.
  • One thing you MUST NOT DO when you chip.
  • Does a chip always have to be a ‘bump-and-run?’ The answer might surprise you.
  • What technology tells us about consistent chipping … and how this data will help you with your chipping.
  • Different ball flights in chipping … and how to get the correct ball flight for each chip.
  • Keep your head down when you chip? I’m not so certain … here’s something else you should try.
  • Pitch with just your pitching wedge? I reveal the truth about club selection.
  • How to visualize great chips and why it’s so important.
  • Why I want you to have fun with chipping … it shouldn’t be a chore.
  • Experiment with different clubs to get more consistent results.
  • How to chip with your hybrids and woods … and when that’s a good idea and when it’s not.
  • The “choke proof” club for chipping.
  • Two keys to total chipping accuracy. And having a ton of fun with your practice.

Have fun when you work on your chipping and you’ll develop touch and feel.


  • How SIMPLIFIED pitching will make your life a lot more fun.
  • The right way to use your 60-degree wedge … and the wrong way.
  • Should you open that face for more loft? The answer I give to pros … and ‘recreational’ golfers.
  • How to avoid “digging” that wedge into the ground PLUS how to avoid thin shots and fat shots.
  • What great pitching posture looks like. HINT: it’s NOT what you’ve been told.
  • The “Quasimodo” move and how it will help your pitching … plus how to get set up correctly every time you play.
  • Why I teach the “three arcs” and where they should be during the swing … choose short, medium, or long arcs for pitching … depending on the situation. I’ll show you how.
  • Think “sweet spot” for awesome pitching.
  • The one “death move” to avoid in pitching.
  • One way to get more spin without doing anything crazy.
  • How to let your wedge do the work for you.
  • One subtle thing you must do to make sure you have great wedge shots.
  • Why you want to keep things ‘neutral’ in your entire pitching swing.
  • The right way to open the face … and the wrong way.
  • A simple way to gain “feel” for each distance when you pitch and some simple exercises to make your pitching more precise.


  • Why you should adopt a tour player’s mentality about bunker play.
  • One reason that recreational golfers find it so difficult to hit consistent bunker shots.
  • The “evil” of deflection and why it’s such a disaster … and must be avoided.
  • The correct way to open the clubface … HINT: it’s NOT what you’ve been told.
  • Square or open set-up? The surprising answer.
  • Why you must avoid the dreaded “steepeners.”
  • What the great bunker players ALL have … it’s easy to get into your game.
  • The swing shape you MUST NOT HAVE … and the swing shape I really want you to have.
  • Why some golfers hit the ball 40 yards over the green with their bunker shots.
  • The correct set up for every bunker shot.
  • How to make sure the takeaway is correct every time.
  • A super-simple way to make sure you get the first 18 inches of the takeaway totally correct … get this right and you’ll escape every time.
  • Why great bunker play is all about a sound … the right sound.
  • Should the hands lean forward at address? The shocking answer.
  • Which wedge to use in the bunker … and in which situations.
  • How to deal with those awful lies … fried eggs … buried … upslope … downslope … and more.
  • Where to play the ball in your stance.
  • What you can learn from Freddy Couples and Jim Furyk … two of the greatest bunker players of all time … and what you can learn from Seve Ballesteros … and why you should use one of his practice drills.
  • The ONE goal you must have with EVERY bunker shot.
  • Two easy ways to control distance.
  • Some “expert” level bunker shots … and why you should use them.

Got this lie? I’ll show you how to get up and down from this beauty.

Yes … you can get up and down when faced with super-challenging short game shots like the high pitch over a big bunker.


  • How to deal with the different lies and grasses you get on the golf course … plus … dealing with grain and learning to understand grain.
  • Understanding spin and using spin to your advantage … even when you might have a lie in deep rough.
  • How to deal with awful lies … like ball sitting down in “nesty” rough.
  • Pitching over a bunker to a tight pin … what to expect from this shot.
  • Setting realistic goals based on your experience and your practice time.

Many people make bunker play way too difficult. I will show you how to make it a ton easier.

Just like the rest of your short game, pitching should be super-simple.

The “Secret” Benefit of an Awesome Short Game

Once you have a new plan for your short game, the more fun you’ll have on the golf course … because double bogeys will become bogeys … and bogeys will become pars.

But there’s another extremely important benefit.

When you practice your short game … with a solid plan … you are also working on your full swing.

That’s right … the movements, techniques, and basics of the short game apply directly to your full swing … especially with chipping and pitching.

Specifically … you start to feel how to make consistently solid contact with your short game … and you will take this straight to your long game.

Timing … alignment … ball position … mechanics … from the short game … all translate to your full swing

So … when you’re working on short game WITH A PLAN … you’re working on a stronger long game.


Let’s Have a Heart-to-Heart Chat About Your Game … And Having More Fun on the Golf Course …

Bobby Jones and Phil Mickelson are two of the greatest golfers of all time. Here’s what they said about the short game.

The secret of great golf is turning three shots into two.

- Bobby Jones.

Tournaments are won from 70 yards and in.

- Phil Mickelson.

Bobby Jones was an awesome ball striker. So is Phil Mickelson. But both these great players had/have epic short games. You see Phil Mickelson’s because he’s on TV a lot … but trust me, Bobby Jones had an awesome short game too.

So Here’s the Question for You

How good do you really want to be at golf? Do you really want to reach your full potential? Or do you want be mediocre?

Most of my students come to see me because they want a better long game … better contact and longer distance with irons, woods, and the driver. And that’s a good thing to have and want.

But the golfers I know who make the most progress … the fastest … are the ones who become a lot better at chipping, pitching, and bunker play.

There’s something else about these golfers … they have a TON more fun playing golf. Initially, many of these golfers were reluctant to work on the short game. But once they got going, they realized a couple of things …

ONE … It’s easier to improve the short game than the long game and you get faster results.

TWO … It’s a lot of fun saving 4 to 10 shots a round thanks to a great short game.

THREE … You can pretty much say “goodbye” to big numbers on the scorecard when you have a solid short game.

FOUR … If the long game isn’t working that well, the short game is there to keep the round moving along.

FIVE … A great short game will drive your playing partners crazy! They will keep raking the ball back to you … as you keep hitting “stone dead” short game shots.

I’ve met a TON of Revolution Golfers in person or online. Here’s one thing I know about you … you’re super-serious about improving, having more fun, and shooting lower scores.

Yes … the long game is important. But if you’re REALLY serious about shooting lower scores, then crank up that short game. You’ll discover how in FOLEY FACTOR – SHORT GAME.


Revolution Golfers asked me some great questions about the short game. JUST A FEW …

I read and hear a lot about the amount of bounce a wedge has and I notice companies offering different wedge “grinds.” How do I determine which grind is right for me?

I carry four wedges – a pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. Is this your recommendation, or can I get away with three wedges and add another long club instead?

How do I decide how much to open the face of my wedge if I’m needing to hit a high lob shot?

What’s the best way to hit greenside shots out of buried lies in the rough?

How do I keep from mis-hitting chip shots where the ball is sitting on top of the rough?

What clubs do you recommend hitting a bump-and-run with? What influences the decision to use a 9-iron instead of, say, a 7-iron?

I love watching the pros hit those pitch shots that take one bounce and stop dead. How do they do that?

I have a problem “scooping” on my pitches and chips. What drill(s) can you recommend to get me to make more reliable contact?

I’ve gotten so inconsistent on chip and pitch shots that I’ve started chipping one-handed. How can I get back to normal?

What clubs and shot distribution would you recommend for a 10-minute pre-round chipping session?

I want to improve my chipping but have limited time to practice. What would you suggest I focus on in the time that I do have?

I’ve heard some instructors say you should stand really open to hit greenside bunker shots, and I’ve heard others recommend a relatively square stance. Why the difference in philosophy, and where do you come down in this debate?

I heard that Seve Ballesteros used to practice out of greenside bunkers with his long irons on occasion. What was he working on there? Should I try this?

On long bunker shots, do you recommend squaring up the face on a sand wedge or using something like an 8 or 9 iron? How do you play these shots?

What is the best way to escape a buried lie in a bunker?

I hear about pros hitting chunk-and-run bunker shots from time to time. How does the technique for this shot differ from that of a “normal” bunker shot?

When I have an uphill lie in a green side bunker, I tend to hit it heavy. I don’t think I’m adjusting my setup to compensate properly. What should I be doing?

What enables pros to hit those high bunker shots that take one hop and stop?

The consistency of sand seems to be different on different golf courses. How do I adapt my bunker game to different types of sand?

The sand at my home course tends to be really soft and deep, and I hit a lot of bunker shots heavy. How should I adjust my approach?

When it rains at my home course, the sand gets really firm and packed. How do I make sure I don’t blade bunker shots when this happens?

ALL GREAT QUESTIONS … and I answer them in Foley Factor: Short Game.

Want to see more from Foley Factor: Short Game? Yes? We’ve got another excerpt for you right here.



I’m Sean Foley and I Love Helping Golfers Make The Most of Their Ability

Image Left Image Right
Image Right

I’ve been a golf teacher my entire career.

You may have heard of me because I’ve worked with many of the world’s top golfers, including Justin Rose.

There’s only one way to judge the effectiveness of someone who teaches professional golfers … results.

Justin Rose has been super-successful. In fact, as I write, his official career earnings are $45,425,759 … and that’s before endorsements and other golf-related income.


Image Right

Image Right

Yes … there’s been a lot of success with professional golfers.

BUT … I’ve worked with tens of thousands of ‘recreational’ golfers.

I’ve worked with …

  • Total beginners
  • Juniors
  • High handicappers
  • Low handicappers
  • Weekend golfers
  • Seniors
  • College golfers

I know how to keep a top professional on track … but I used to spend 350 days a year teaching ‘recreational’ golfers … just like you.

One reason I love being on the Revolution Golf faculty? I get to help golfers like you who simply want to have more fun on the golf course.

Now … let’s get into …

26 Ways Foley Factor: Short Game … Will Help Your Short Game … Even if You DON’T Have a Lot of Time to Practice Your Short Game

  1. No need to spend hours at the practice facility every week … that’s because I’ve simplified short game technique.

  2. Save 4-8 shots a round … at least … and even under pressure.

  3. Short game CLARITY instead of confusion so you improve faster.

  4. An easy-to-understand plan/blueprint for short game practice and success on the golf course.

  5. More fun on the golf course because it's a TON of fun to get up and down consistently.

  6. The end of big numbers … no more “look away awful” short game shots.

  7. Fix short game problems if they happen on the golf course … but avoid them in the first place.

  8. Discover short game “secrets” from many of the world’s top golfers.

  9. Turn 3 shots into 2 around the green – key to shooting lower scores.

  10. Short game gems for every golfer … from beginner to accomplished club player.

  11. FINALLY … move forward with your short game instead of not improving.

  12. NO MORE SHORT GAME HEADACHES … end whatever short game issue is ailing you.

  13. Bunker mastery … escape any lie from any bunker on any course.

  1. VERSATILITY … enjoy solid pitches and chips from any lie on the golf course.

  2. Get it right BEFORE you hit the shot … how to create a bulletproof set up and pre-shot routine for every short game shot.

  3. Hit more accurate short game shots … with dramatically improved distance control.

  4. Get your club selection correct … a key to short game success.

  5. Have a lot more fun with your short game.

  6. Discover How to spin the ball with your pitch shots … so you gain superior control with every short game shot.

  7. No technical mumbo-jumbo … just clear, simple, and proven advice to help you shoot lower scores.

  8. Helps your full swing … many of the fundamentals from the short game translate directly to your full swing.

  9. CONFIDENCE … because you approach every short game shot with a plan … and get results.

  10. Discover how to deal with those “wacky” situation … like weird lies, deep rough, and more.

  11. CONSISTENCY … be consistent with your short game EVERY TIME you play.

  12. Lower scores … because you understand the different short game challenges you face on the golf course … and how to overcome them.

  13. Special low introductory price. Click here now.

Instruction from Me … At a Special Low Price … ONLY for Revolution Golfers …

You can get my instruction sent directly to your laptop, living room, smart phone, or tablet.

As always, there’s no risk …

Rock-Solid Revolution Golf 30-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

FOLEY FACTOR -- SHORT GAME must help you get up and down more often … or you receive a complete and full refund.

If the video series fails to meet your expectations in any way, you get a full refund. No questions asked.

So you get a free look – with no risk.

After watching the videos, I’m so confident your short game will improve that Revolution Golf is backing up the promises with a ‘no questions asked’ guarantee. If the videos fail to meet your expectations in any way, or if you’re not happy for any reason, or no reason, simply call our customer service team at 800.754.8466, or email

You’ll get a prompt and courteous refund.

A Mediocre Short Game … Or the Best Golf of Your Life … The Choice is Yours …

Right now, you have a simple decision to make about your short game.

You can stay right where you are … for as long as you play golf.

OR …

You can discover my teaching methods … and apply them to your game.

I know you’ll make the right choice … the same choice that’s helped golfers like Hunter Mahan and Justin Rose rise to prominence … and win millions.

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So there’s absolutely no risk.

To Great Golf All the Time …

Sean Foley
Professional Golf Instructor
Founder … Foley Performance Academy

P.P.S. I want to remind you of something super-important … YOU’RE A LOT BETTER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE … you just need a new road map for success. And that’s what you’ll get in FOLEY FACTOR -- SHORT GAME.

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