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If you hit your driver less than 260 yards and want to add an effortless 20 yards or more to your drives, you owe it to yourself to watch this video!

Gary McCord will share the secret behind the all new Speed System that delivers you more than 20 more yards on your drives with greater accuracy and less effort than your current driver.

Dear 90% of all golfers:

If you hit your drives under 260 yards, this is exactly what you need! Have you lost some of your distance the past few years? Or are you sure there’s a way to hit it longer from the tee, but the solution has eluded you somehow?

Are you happy with your driver? Are you hitting it as far as you'd like? You're probably not hitting it as high or as straight either. Why not?

We know the answer. Are you ready? Here it is:

Your driver wasn't built for someone who swings at your swing speed!!

Tour Players average over 290 yards and 114 miles an hour with their drivers, how far do you hit it and how fast is your swing? If you're like 90% of all golfers, it's under 260 yards and less than 100 mph.

You might be thinking;

“I have the latest driver. I even got fit with a custom shaft. How can another driver help me?”

That’s a good question.

You’re probably thinking your driver suits you just fine because it doesn’t have an extra-stiff shaft or a ridiculously low 8 degrees of loft. But guess what? That clubhead, the overall weight of the driver, the shaft dynamics when paired with the clubhead, they weren't designed for amateurs like you!!

Well, a group of industry veterans -- guys with DECADES of experience in playing professionally, design, testing, marketing and selling golf equipment – got together to fix this problem.

One is Gary McCord, PGA Tour Champions multiple winner, Network Golf commentator and absolute golf nerd! Gary had been on a quest to regain some of his lost distance and these guys absolutely KNEW there was a way to give it back to the VAST majority of golfers.

And the way to add effortless distance with this new driver just makes SO MUCH SENSE! Why?

Let me ask you a question. What can you swing faster? Something that’s light, like an alignment rod, or something heavy like a sledgehammer?

Duh, lighter is easier to swing faster; it’s physics. And faster, or more speed, is also LONGER.

You can swing lighter, faster. And if you swing faster, you WILL hit the ball LONGER! It’s physics.. And lighter is also EASIER. Easier to swing faster for the entire round!

But that’s not all. Our engineers found that by grouping golfers by 1) their swing speed or 2) their driver distance, they could OPTIMIZE…

  • the design of each driver…
  • the clubhead weighting and characteristics…
  • the effective loft and face angle…
  • the shaft dynamics including kick point and weighting…
  • the overall weight and swing weight of each club…
  • even the weight of the grip.

By developing a system, matching and optimizing drivers, golf balls and tees specifically designed for 4 unique speed “ZONES”, targeting 4 individual groups of golfers, we effectively developed a way to maximize the performance for 90% of all golfers.



Would a Tour Pro EVER play a driver designed for amateurs?

Of course they wouldn’t. So why the heck should amateurs, especially the 90% of amateurs who fly their drives under 260 yards in the air play a driver designed for pros?

The answer is: They absolutely should not!

But chances are, with the driver that’s currently in your bag, you’re missing out on a proven 20+ more yards!

If You Carry Your Drives under 260 yards in the Air or Your Clubhead Speed is Under 100mph, You Should Not Be Playing the Driver That’s In Your Bag!

If you hit drives that are;

  • Low, short and to the right
  • Into the rough, trees and hazards
  • Slice, balloon pop-ups and worm-burners
  • Consistently inconsistent
  • Flying shorter and shorter every year

It can be SO frustrating. You maybe have even given up hope of ever hitting your drives long again.

Don’t give up hope, help is on the way because...

There’s finally been a breakthrough that optimizes distance and accuracy for YOUR swing speed…and it’s not just a driver, it’s an entire matching SYSTEM totally built for SPEED!


With The Speed System, I Just Got Ridiculously More Distance, 20 Plus Yards. It Works!

- Luke Helms Hdcp 7, Speed Blue

This System has been built and engineered to maximize distance, accuracy and consistency for Your specific swing and speed, Not a Pro’s swing, Not Your Buddies swing. Your swing.

Introducing the Completely Revolutionary, Never-Before-Seen...

Each Swing Speed-Specific Speed System includes …

1 Lightweight, ultra-premium, speed-rated driver
12 Tour-performance, compression-matched golf balls
2 Super-fast, spring-loaded tees
1 Custom, See-Through Headcover

All Optimized to Work in Harmony and Maximize Distance from YOUR Specific Swing!

The Speed System is a Speed Specific System of optimally matched lightweight, ultra-premium driver; tour performance, compression-matched golf balls and super-fast spring loaded tees!


Let me introduce myself. I’m Gary McCord. You probably know me from my work on TV and my struggles on the PGA Tour for 23 years without a win. But I did win twice on the PGA Tour Champions and I’ve been obsessed with everything about the game of golf for over half a century. And I am fascinated with technology.

For the past 10 years or more, I’ve been on a search to regain some of my lost distance off the tee. Now that I’m 70 years old, I thought it was a lost cause. But then something extraordinary happened. Friends of mine, golf industry veterans with decades of experience in developing, testing, manufacturing and marketing golf equipment, brought me an all-new concept…and it is absolutely brilliant and it works!

The Speed System Driver technology is based on physics. You can swing lighter, faster and when you swing faster, you’ll hit the ball longer. It’s proven science.

Tour players drivers, and the engineering that’s behind the driver that’s probably in your bag, are heavier to handle the big time swing speeds of the these professional athletes. They average 114 miles an hour and carry their drives over 270 yards or more in the air! If that sounds like your game, the Speed System is not for you. But if your like the vast majority of golfers out there, the Speed System is EXACTLY what you need!

All you need to know to choose the right Speed System for you is ONE of two things:

1. How far do you carry your driver?


2. What is your typical driver swing speed?

If you know either of those things, you are all set!

That's because, if you know at least one of the two things above, you can see which "speed zone" or Speed System color (black, blue, gold, silver) will optimize your distance! Check out the chart below...


With Speed System, I hit my drive 27 yards further! I couldn’t believe how I was just crushing this ball and I was really excited about the accuracy!

- Paul Sigler Hdcp 18, Speed Black

Golf Laboratories, the Industry Leading in Testing—performed and collected data on their robot and dozens of amateur golfers using the Speed System vs. their current driver, ball and tee.

This is what the testing discovered...

Amateurs tested increased their total distance off the tee an average just over 20 yards!

That’s right, 20+ yards. And each amateur relayed many of the same comments;

27 yards farther than any of my other drives. Awesome.

-Paul Sigler

It took much less effort to hit it 20 yards farther.

-James Knoxx

I'm hitting it 17 yards's incredible.

-Don Urban

With the integrated ball, tee and driver, I hit it 20 yards farther.

-Larry Junker

The SPEED SYSTEM is specifically designed for 4 different “Speed Zones” to Optimize Distance, Launch and Accuracy– and provide an effortless 20 more yards for 90% of all golfers.

The Speed System was designed, engineered and specifically created to provide effortless, maximum distance and optimum accuracy and consistency for YOUR swing and YOUR swing speed!

And not just a cutting-edge, ultra-premium, lightweight driver, we put EVERYTHING into the caldron to wring out even MORE speed and MORE distance for you!

When you choose the right SPEED System for your game, you’ll get:

  • Super-fast, super-forgiving, overall lightweight, ultra-premium driver
  • Clubhead designed and engineered to optimize performance for YOUR specific zone
  • Higher launch and MCT “mis-hit correction technology” to launch your drives higher curve back to the fairway even on mis-hits
  • Precision matched, lightweight graphite shaft to deliver more power and greater consistency on every drive
  • Lightweight, matched performance grip to perfectly match your Speed System
  • Two, low friction Spring-Loaded Speed Tees to give you even more distance
  • 12 Tour quality, Compression Matched golf balls that are LONG maximizing your speed without sacrificing feel

Each individual Speed System, Speed Silver, Speed Gold, Speed Blue and Speed Black are specifically designed to optimize performance for a specific speed zone.

Speed Black

Speed Black features a driver with 10 degrees loft, 296 grams overall weight, 45.5 inches long and a clubhead uniquely built for YOU along with 12 Speed Black tour performance golf balls, compression matched to your swing speed. Also 2 Spring-Loaded Speed Tees and a matching, premium see-through headcover.

Speed Black Package


Speed Blue Package

Speed Blue

Speed Blue’s driver with 11.5 degrees of loft, 289 grams overall weight, 45.5 inches long and a clubhead uniquely built for YOUR swing speed along with 12 Speed Blue tour performance golf balls, compression matched to your swing speed. Also 2 Spring-Loaded Speed Tees and a matching, premium see-through headcover.


Speed Gold

Speed Gold has a driver with 12.5 degrees loft, 279 grams overall weight, 45.5 inches long and a clubhead uniquely built for YOUR swing speed along with 12 Speed Gold tour performance golf balls, compression matched to your swing speed. Also 2 Spring-Loaded Speed Tees and a matching, premium see-through headcover.

Speed Gold Package


Speed Silver Package

Speed Silver

Speed Silver’s driver has 12.5 degrees loft, 272 grams overall weight, 44.5 inches long and a clubhead uniquely built for YOUR swing and speed along with 12 Speed Silver, tour performance golf balls, compression matched to your swing speed. Also 2 Spring-Loaded Speed Tees and a matching, premium see-through headcover.


The Speed Gold was straighter and 20 yards longer for me. I noticed a lot of difference in my swing speed, launch angle and distance!

- Ken Matshushita Hdcp 20, Speed Gold

During testing with our lucky golfers, Golf Labs and their TrackMan launch monitor recorded the stats of each and every drive!

Carry distance, total distance, launch angle, apex, swing speed, ball speed and dispersion from the target – on every single shot.

I knew from hitting the early prototypes of the Speed System with my buddies that the Speed System was REALLY good…but just exactly HOW good? We were blown away by results!


It just didn’t matter whether their current driver was bought on sale, was purchased in the last year, was custom fit and cost over $800, it just didn’t matter. They ALL preferred the Speed System AND hit their drives an average of 21 yards longer, on average!

Stats Graph


The Speed System Ball is just not ANY golf ball. We maximized distance without sacrificing feel around the green.

- Gary McCord

Graph Compression Matched Tour Balls


The Speed System with its integrated ball, tee and driver, I hit it 20 yards further!

- Larry Junker hdcp 16, Speed Blue

The 4 unique Speed System golf balls, Speed Silver, Speed Gold, Speed Blue and Speed Black, were each designed to be complimentary to the corresponding color Speed driver for distance maximization while having tee to green performance characteristics equal to top tour golf balls in the market.

Each of the Speed System golf balls were designed with a slightly lower spin rate off of the driver in comparison to the top golf balls on the market. This created 3-4 yards added distance at 90 mph.

The Speed golf balls were designed with different compressions for each speed color. The compression goes from lowest in the Speed Silver, to highest in the Speed Black. This allows each swing speed to feel and benefit from the best compression for each swing speed.

The design and overall performance of the Speed System golf ball was critical for not only the driver but for all types of golf shots.

On your mid-irons, your ball flight will be comparable to a top of the line, expensive tour grade ball.

With your short irons, our engineers demanded that the ball flight and spin characteristics equal to tour grade golf balls to give you maximum flight and spin stopping control to assure complete performance and great feel and confidence from tee to green

  • Mid Iron flight-each system color ball was designed to have mid iron flight comparable to a tour grade golf ball
  • Short Iron flight and spin-design specifications required that each color ball had spin characteristics equal to tour grade golf balls for maximum flight and spin stopping control to guarantee complete performance from tee to green

Short Iron Flight and Spin-Design

The Speed System Spring Loaded Tees are low-friction and super fast giving you even MORE distance!

While our team was testing tees, it was discovered that by reducing friction at impact you can slightly reduce spin. This reduction in spin correlates to approximately 2 yards increase in distance.

This distance gain is typically seen only by players that have a negative attack angle with their driver.

The spring-loaded Speed tee helps minimize club head resistance and ensure proper flex at impact

And the Speed tee surface has a friction reduction coating that helps reduce spin which testing showed giving an increase of up to 3 yards !

Product Package

Many of your are probably saying…

Ok Gary, I’m convinced. The combination of Speed matched, ultra-premium lightweight driver, tour compression matched golf balls and spring loaded Speed Tees is the real deal. But how expensive is this system?

Here’s the awesome news. One of the partners in the Speed System is a top-line, experience golf equipment manufacturer. That’s great news for you, the golfer. That means no middle-man. No brokers. No crazy mark-ups. You pay a crazy low price for this amazing, revolutionary, distance maximizing package.

Matched to YOUR Swing, YOUR Distance and YOUR Speed, you get a lightweight, super-premium, super hot and forgiving clubhead, high performance graphite shaft, lightweight grip, 1 dozen tour performance, compression matched golf balls, 2 spring-loaded, Speed tees, custom headcover AND membership to Club Speed System with FREE exclusive member content including instruction videos from Gary McCord and other pros to help you increase your speed and distance.

For ALL of this value, you’d expect to pay $500, $600, $700 or more. But you can be one of the first to get and effortless 20 yards or more, guaranteed for just $347!

That’s right. It’s the leading edge in technology and innovation. Many lightweight drivers ALONE are $700 and higher. But you can put the power of the Speed System Driver, 1 dozen balls, Spring-loaded Speed tees for just $347!

Take the entire Speed System out and play it for 60 days with no risk and see for yourself. The Speed System Speed Silver, Speed Gold, Speed Blue and Speed Black all come with our Add 20 or your money back guarantee. We’re so confident that when you play the Speed System that’s right for your game, the ultra-premium lightweight driver, 1 dozen tour performance compression balls and spring-loaded Speed tees, you will add an effortless 20 yards or more that if you don’t, just send it back within 60 days, no questions asked for a full product refund!

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Speed System Head:

The clubhead of each Speed System driver utilizes ”Speed Ti”, an exclusive design which combines a thin face with reinforced edges to create extra strength that translates into faster speed Head-Aerodynamically designed to break up speed limiting air flow during the downswing to create increased club head speed. OHCT-Off Center Hit Correction Technology combines head COG (center of gravity) with bulge and roll to create maximum forgiveness and directional correction on off-center hits to ensure a minimal loss of distance and direction when the club is not hit in the geometric center (show off center hit robot data vs competitors)

Weight-Overall weight lighter then standard clubs for extra speed

Speed System Shafts:

Proprietary Carbon-Fiber Composite —

Speed System Shaft Optimization (S3O):

Our exclusive S3O, Speed System Shaft Optimization utilizes a proprietary carbon-fiber composite that's often found in aerospace. We pinpointed the correct flex, kick point, torque, and weight to maximize speed and therefore distance for your corresponding Speed System Driver. Progressive kick points have also been incorporated, and have been matched up to the correct Speed Zones; Speed Silver, Speed Gold, Speed Blue and Speed Black.

Our optimization process re positions weight to ensure the correct balance, feel and performance. May lightweight shafts have higher torque and flex values making them difficult to swing consistently. Speed Systems S30 weight redistribution ensures lightweight with proper flex and torque to give optimal performance for each Speed Zone.

Speed System Grips:

Speed System grips are made of a proprietary Synthetic Compound with a rubber-grip type feel.

Exclusive material allows an average weight to be in the low 30 grams. This material also allows different Speed grips at different weights - even though they are the same size.

Speed System Drivers averaged 17 yards carry further then top OEM clubs in robot testing and 16.5 yards further in player testing. Golfers using the Speed Silver, Speed Gold, Speed Blue and Speed Black increased their swing speed, hit the higher, longer and straighter.

Speed System Balls:

The Speed System, 3 Piece Premium, Tour Performance golf ball has been compression optimized for each speed zone. These balls have been designed to have slightly lower spin off the driver to increase ball speed and distance while providing mid and short iron launch and spin similar to top selling balls and have great feel around the green for putting and short game.

The Speed System golf balls tested 2.5 yards longer then the #1 tour ball with almost the same spin rate off of a 6 iron and PW.

The Speed System Spring Loaded tee helps minimize club head resistance at impact. This combined with its tee surface friction reduction coating that helps reduce spin leading to more distance. The Speed Spring Loaded tees tested 2.1 yards longer then a standard tee.

Total Distance Gain: up to 21.1 Yards

Speed System vs. Your Conventional Driver. The Choice is Easy!

Your Conventional Driver

Speed System

Designed For

Tour Professionals (average swing speed: 114 MPH)

90% of Amateur golfers (swing speeds: <100 MPH)

Overall Weight

Typical Conventional Driver

At least 310 grams or heavier!

272 grams Speed Silver

279 grams Speed Gold

287 grams Speed Blue

296 grams Speed Black

Center of Gravity (CG)

Too high and close to the clubface, increasing spin, decreasing roll and total distance for golfers with sub-100 MPH swings

Lower and farther from the clubface, decreasing spin, increasing roll and total distance for amateur golfers

Clubhead Forgiveness

Most Conventional Drivers when struck on the toe leave the ball out to the right

Super hot face with high MOI and extreme forgiveness with MCT Mis-hit Correction Technology giving you more accuracy AND more confidence

Overall Design

Adjustable weights, lofts, and bias. Extra weight slows down your swing speed and limits your distance. Designed for Tour Players.

Four Speed Zones Speed Silver, Speed Gold, Speed Blue & Speed Black all designed exclusively for YOUR swing speed or distance to maximize distance, optimize forgiveness, launch angle, spin rate and ball speed for 90% of all golfers.


$400, $500 up to $800 with custom shaft and fitting

$347 AND you get 1 dozen Tour Performance, Compression Matched Speed System balls and 2 Spring Loaded Speed Tees


30 days, but once you hit it, you can’t send it back, it’s yours.

60 days. Play it every day. Put it through the paces. If you don’t add 20 yards or more or if you’re unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever you can send it back for a full product refund

Bottom Line

From the start, it’s been designed for Pros, not for golfers like you! It doesn’t maximize your distance or optimize your accuracy.

Specifically engineered and built for 90% of all amateurs; it’s ridiculously long, amazingly forgiving, effortless to swing all round and will give you more confidence and you will absolutely love it!

Go ahead and try the Speed System that’s matched for your swing speed today.

You have absolutely no-risk, it’s all reward!!

... What are you waiting for? You can add 20 yards to your drives effortlessly guaranteed! Be one of the first golfers to try the revolutionary Speed System that’s right for your game today. It’s easy to get yours by clicking below now.

If you’re not happy for any reason, or no reason, simply call The Revolution Golf customer service team at 1-800-379-0239 or email and you’ll receive directions for a prompt and courteous refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

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