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The Wilson Cortex Driver

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  • From an Up-And-Coming Name in Golf Club Design
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Dear trying-to-get-better golfer:

If you’ve been watching DRIVER VS. DRIVER on Golf Channel then you’ve seen the fierce competition between some of the world’s top driver designers.

You’ve also seen Evan Hoffman and his design, the Wilson Staff CORTEX Driver.

It’s been highly praised by everyone on the show PLUS … and here’s the important part … it PERFORMS.

In fact …

There Are Three Things I LOVE About The CORTEX

There is a LOT to like about the CORTEX but there are THREE things I especially like.

  1. ONE … It has all the power of the most powerful drivers on the market. Expect 10-25 extra yards off the tee.

  2. TWO … It’s fully adjustable so you get the ball flight you want for maximum distance and accuracy.

  3. THREE … It might be the most forgiving driver I’ve seen. This helps to keep you in the fairway plus you get distance even if you don’t always hit that sweet spot.

Before getting into the technology …

Let’s Meet the Up-and-Coming Star Behind The CORTEX

The designer behind the Wilson Staff CORTEX is Evan Hoffman, a fully-trained industrial designer who is also a fanatic golfer. He created the CORTEX with input from his brother, also a keen golfer.

Starting out with sketches, he refined the primary design concept for the CORTEX … which has a sub-frame structure, as detailed below.

Now …

Let’s Look at The Core Technology in the Wilson Staff CORTEX

In creating the CORTEX, Evan Hoffman knew he had to be different … and better … with the design of his driver.

So … he went with a “sub frame” structure.

Translation … this allows weight to be taken out of the center of the club and be strategically placed into ‘the skirt.’ The goal is to maximize clubhead speed with the driver for optimal flight control. This gives you longer and straighter drives.

It also gives you something else that’s super-important …

Don’t Hit The Ball in the Sweet Spot Every Time? Then The CORTEX Is For You …

Let’s be realistic for a second. The professionals on the tours hit hundreds of balls on the range every week. As a result, they hit the sweet spot almost all the time.

How often do we get to hit balls and practice? Not as often as we’d like.


We don’t hit that sweet spot every time we hit driver.

So … Evan Hoffman took this into account when creating and designing the CORTEX.

It provides power … yes … but it also gives you super-impressive FORGIVENESS across the entire face.

This comes from FAST-CAGE Technology … Only Found in The CORTEX …

The most impressive technology on the CORTEX is “FAST CAGE” technology.

There’s a “weight-tuned” titanium internal structure. Think of this as a skeleton inside the clubhead.

Evan Hoffman covered 44% of this skeleton with carbon fiber. This allows for a highly precise distribution of weight for maximum power and forgiveness.

Here’s what you get with the CORTEX.

SPIN CONTROL … from the slide track. This gives you a more penetrating flight with maximum rollout … or a higher ball flight to promote distance if you like a higher launch.

FLIGHT CONTROL … get this through the fully-interchangeable 8 gram and 2 gram perimeter weights. The goal here … take a slice or weak fade and turn it into a drive with a straighter ball flight.

TRAJECTORY CONTROL … thanks to Wilson’s patented Fast Fit Hosel system. This means you can fine-tune your launch angle in half-degree increments. Make the head 1 degree stronger or get 2 degrees of higher loft.

LAUNCH CONTROL comes from a partnership with premium shaft designer, Fujikura. The CORTEX comes with a Tour Spec Shaft line. Choose from The Red which has a softer tip profile to fit a larger range of players … or The Black which offers a firm, low launch that’s best for golfers with higher swing speeds.

The Perfect Combination of Carbon Fiber and Titanium …

Evan Hoffman has brilliantly mixed carbon fiber and Titanium for maximum impact … 44% of the CORTEX is covered with lightweight carbon fiber. This means he put the titanium where it needs to be for maximum distance and forgiveness.


The head on the CORTEX comes in 3 standard lofts …

  • 9.0 degrees
  • 10.5 degrees
  • 13.0 degrees

You get a Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec shaft INCLUDED. That’s a tour-spec shaft.

Tested by EVERY TYPE OF GOLFER Under The Sun … And WINNER of Driver vs. Driver …

As part of the Driver vs. Driver show on Golf Channel, the CORTEX was tested and developed under the harshest and most varied conditions … Tour players … product reviewers … bloggers … high handicappers … low handicappers.

And the CORTEX was a consistent winner in every part of the Driver vs. Driver showdown.

We’re Super-Excited to Bring You the Power of The Wilson CORTEX Driver, At the Introductory Price …

Wilson contacted us about the Wilson CORTEX Driver and said, “we want to make our newest driver available to Revolution Golfers before the rest of the world.”

And, of course, we said, “YES! BRING IT ON!”

15 Reasons You’ll Love the WILSON CORTEX from Wilson … And Want to Add It to Your Golfing Arsenal …

I’m really impressed with the WILSON CORTEX from Wilson

And here’s why …

  1. WINNER of Driver vs. Driver on Golf Channel … created by an up-and-coming golf club designer during intense competition.

  2. TOUR-CALIBER DISTANCE thanks to the powerful combination of carbon fiber and titanium technology in this all-new driver.

  3. HUGELY FORGIVING … thanks to the special “Fast Cage” technology.

  4. No need to change your swing or pump iron … just make your regular swing with the Wilson CORTEX and watch the ball fly toward the middle of the fairway.

  5. Built for people with “regular” clubhead speed … thanks to the technology that dramatically increases clubhead speed.

  6. BALL EXPLODES OFF EVERY PART OF THE CLUBFACE … for forgiveness on mishits.

  7. ADJUSTABILITY with the two weights and the hosel… so you maximize accuracy and distance based on YOUR swing and the ball flight you want.

  8. Tweak the Wilson CORTEX based on conditions … it only takes a few seconds.

  1. GREAT LOOKS thanks to the design team at Wilson. Confidence at address with the Wilson CORTEX.

  2. SOLID FEEL and traditional look preferred by better players … thanks to the Wilson heritage of outstanding and proven design.

  3. Trusted by professional golfers … you’ll find Wilson clubs in the bags of top touring professionals.

  4. More roll for more distance … thanks to the super-hot face and the carbon fiber/titanium combination.

  5. PRO-GRADE SHAFT AS STANDARD … usually $150 but included in the special introductory price.

  6. Make sure you have the latest technology in your golf bag … so you’re getting the most possible distance from your swing.


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Wilson offers returns on most items within 30 days of receipt of shipment.

Please follow these additional guidelines when making a return to Wilson.com:

  • Item must be in new condition.
  • Item must be returned with all original packaging and accessories (includes box or plastic poly bag).
If you want to return the club, simply contact our customer service team at 1-844-228-7437.

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Now You Have a Simple Decision to Make

You can struggle to hit your current driver … and not get the distance you want.

OR …

You can enjoy longer distance off the tee by getting the WILSON CORTEX from Wilson and Evan Hoffman.

We know you’ll make the right decision … PLUS … you’ll get the lowest price we’ve seen.

To Great Golf All the Time…

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
Revolution Golf

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